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Need some customization?

The GeoStory player comes in several styles to match your website, but we can work with you to create custom styles to match the specific colors, fonts, or size constraints of your website. The content management system also provides several map types to display with each storypoint, and we can work with you to create custom maps and apps to meet your needs.

We offer the following services on a consulting basis:

  • Customized GeoStory player with different colors, fonts, and embed size to match your site
  • Customized interactive maps to include in your GeoStories, using data of your choosing.
  • Advanced editorial support to help you make your GeoStories look great.
  • GeoStory authoring using your content or content from National Geographic's media and map collections.
  • Custom microsites that integrate GeoStories with landing pages, a map viewer, and long-form articles.
  • Use our JSON API to build your own geostory player or integrate with your system
  • Batch load content to create GeoStories from your existing media archive

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing any of these services.